Please note due an issue with teh servers managment software it is currently not possible to extend, amend any accounts or resolve any channel issues. We are looking to fix this as a matter of priority. When a fix is in place we will inform, please dont create any tickets duplicating the known issue.

**Update 20/09/19** We are installing a new server and hoping to migrate data soon. We will update when the server is live

**Update 24/09/19** We are now using a new middleware which is proving to be extremely unstable, we are working to resolve. Channels may load or go offline, we are waiting to fix, unfortunatly we cant give a ETA as its out of our hands, we are working to code our own middleware but it wont be instant. We will update as and when we can

*Service Update 08/10/19

We now have the system migrated, we are finding at times the system is unstable but we are monitoring and fixing the issues as they come up.
For now most of the UK is online, DE and Turkish, US and some other groups are down and looking to be restored
We also hope to have EPG remapped over the next few weeks
VOD will remian down until we are happy with the service

Thursday, September 19, 2019

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