UK Blackout / Down / VPN Required during EPL

UK ISPS have started to block all IPTV providers during the Premier League Games. This will cause a complete system wide outage for UK Customers during the Premier League Games.
SRS IPTV is looking for a permanent solution to fix this, but in the meantime VPN is the only way to watch IPTV during the block.

The block usually starts at game time and ends when the game ends.

At this point the only solution is to use a Client VPN.

Consider adding a VPN to your Android Box, Dreamlink or Kodi setup. For MAG's the only way to use VPN is it to get a router that supports VPN.

Q: Is SRS IPTV down during the Premier League Games?
A: No SRS IPTV is not down, all users around the world are able to access our services except for UK. Unfortunately, UK has taken measures to block all IPTV providers during the Premier League game time. The block starts at the start of the game and ends when the game ends.

Q: Is there a workaround?
A: At this point the workaround is to use a VPN connection. Consider using one of the ones listed below, but the market has lots of options. Please do some research 

More info on other VPN services can be found here 

Q: Is SRS IPTV working on a solution?
A: We are, but truth be told we have limited options. At this point a good solution is to use VPN. In the meantime, we will continue to look at alternative

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