Using VPN on Mag & SIPTV?

Mag box and Smart TV VPN

The standard method for applying a VPN to a Mag or TV running Smart IPTV is to add a VPN router between the Internet router and the device.

Another method is to use a Laptop or PC with a wifi adapter as follows.

Connect the Laptop or PC to the internet (An Ethernet cable is best for this, but it will still work with wifi).
Install and start your VPN application.
Next, for Windows 10, go into Settings/Network and Internet/Mobile Hotspot.
Adjust the Share my internet connection from the dropdown menu and point it at the connection that you are using on the PC.
Give the Hotspot a name and make a secure password.
Turn on the Wifi Hotspot at the top and you should be ready to connect your device to your new VPN enabled wifi network.

This function should also work for Windows 8, but for Windows 7 users, you can make a wifi hotspot using an application like Virtualrouter or connectify me

For the Mag 254 boxes, you would then need to purchase a wifi adapter or wireless ethernet adapter to connect to the VPN enabled network.
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